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Being in a variety of body shops on a daily basis it is easy to learn a few tips from the talented tradespeople that we see. So the tech team at White and Peters thought it was time to start sharing some of these ideas and procedures in the form of a Tech Tips blog. We will periodically post some common and maybe some not so common issues that our industry experiences today, as well provide some solutions. Hopefully this will help all of us become more productive!

Air, a great tool for a clean job!

We think of blowing off a vehicle as just blowing the outside of the panel we are painting, but what about the accumulated dust on top of the vehicle before you cover it with plastic or spray mask? What of the inners or gaps between the panels? Are they blown and wiped clean as well? Dirt and dust can come from anywhere. Blow out the engine compartment, inner door jams, trunk inners and gaps between the panels. Go into the booth with as little dirt as possible. Don't forget to blow off your paint suit as well.

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